At QZ Urban Furniture we have a clear commitment to high design pieces; We conceive this concept as a fundamental pillar in the creation of our pieces.

We think that our main value is high design, but this value is accompanied by an excellent after-sales service with which all our customers are fully satisfied.

From QZ Urban Furniture we have acquired a commitment to sustainability, that is why in all processes we try to keep consumables as few as possible, work with companies that share our mentality, pursuing the concept of four  “r” (Reduce, recycle, reuse and replace other materials).

Based on 30 years of experience in the sector, our knowledge is very broad and having perceived a change in the population pyramid, we advocate a city ​​with multiple public spaces based on the interaction between people and thus obtain a global benefit.

Our architecture

Study where professional practice (founder of Enrique Mínguez Arquitectos in 1989) is combined with teaching practice (Professor of Urban Planning at the University of Alicante (UA) and at the San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM).

Our work is characterized by combining good practices in Architecture and Urban Planning with sustainability in all areas, promoting bioclimatic and energy efficiency strategies on the urban scale.

We have participated in numerous congresses and contests of Architecture and Public Space both nationally and internationally, having obtained a large number of awards and distinctions, highlighting:

– Mention at the 10th Architecture and Urbanism Awards in the Region of Murcia for the work: Eight Public Promotion Homes in Totana, Murcia. 1999.

– First Prize for the Strategic Intervention Plan for the Pliego Urban Crossing, Murcia. 2010

– Awarding of 15 million euros of European Funds for the drafting of the Strategy for Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development: EDUSI LA MANGA ABERTA 365.